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                             The Wilder Ideas Process

Marketing your business is more complex than ever before.   Choices abound and difficult decisions must be made.  

With Wilder Ideas, we provide our clients with in-depth, ongoing consulting so that we can develop and maintain an effective strategy for your marketing of your business.

First and foremost we analyze and assess our client’s business goals.

We then examine their marketing, media, and advertising history.   Together, we draw conclusions and strategize the marketing of your business.

Once your marketing criteria has been established, a detailed media proposal is submitted to the client for review and the opportunity to provide feedback.

Upon approval, Wilder Ideas executes the marketing and monitors its effectiveness throughout the campaign.   If any adjustments are required, we provide quick turnaround to insure client success.

Finally, Wilder Ideas reconciles and evaluates the delivery of all purchases with affidavits of performance and prepares them for payment

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