Since 1979

Since 1979, I have partnered with businesses to build successful marketing programs which:
  Generate new customers
  Retain repeat customers
  Build excitement
  Create awareness

The keys to our success include:
 Promotions that are customized, generate excitement through pent-up demand, and add exposure
 Advertising programs to target and deliver new customers
 Public relations which enhance your image and provide more visibility
 Direct mail newsletters to reinforce name recognition and image as the authority in your business category 
 Employee incentive programs to increase productivity and sales
 Sales training to reach your revenue goals  
 Consulting to maximize different facets of your business

Your investment is treated as my own, and you will have my full, dedicated commitment in helping your business grow.

Creates excitement and awareness, turning people into customers:
Tailor promotions to fulfill goals
Coordinate various elements including promotional partners, insured promotions, and full imaging 
Obtain prizes and rewards for consumer hook

 Effectively reaches your target market:
Perform market research to support target customers
Determine the best “media mix” to achieve goals within budget
Place ads or infomercials, negotiating the best rates
Voice commercials  

Public Relations
Enhances your image, visibility, and overall exposure
Help spread the word about new aspects pertaining to your business
Maximize coverage with guest appearances and name recognition throughout media  
Increase goodwill with cause-related charitable tie-ins

Direct Mail Newsletters 
Consistently keeps your name and message in front of your customers:
Interview people for newsletter content 
Use pertinent articles
Create and set up newsletter
Gather mailing list and labels

Employee Incentives 
Motivates employees internally:
Create program for specific needs (recruiting and productivity)
Provide signage to reinforce program
Choose prizes and rewards based on employee wants and needs
Monitor program

Sales Training 
Increases your sales with proven techniques by helping you:
Understand your customer base to get them in the door
Handle counteracting objections
Ask the right open-ended questions
Make the sale with proper closing techniques 
And other principles to generate more sales!

Develops a strong infrastructure:
Create sales systems
Design commission structures
Provide account management
Assist with budgeting 
Help with overall marketing strategies
Plus many other business processes!

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